IR101 Team has gathered the most characteristic terms of the IR Theory that every IR student or IR enthusiast needs to be aware of. Each category encompasses IR terms that are briefly examined in a seperate PDF doccument. By clicking in each icon, you can download the file, where all the information are analyzed in simple words, accessible and comprehensible for all irregardless of academic background. The IR101 Encyclopedia is our humble attempt to gather the most important concepts and theories of IR in order to create a useful handbook for the ones making their first steps in the always evolving world of IR.

IR101 Encyclopedia


English School of international relations


Thucydides’ theory of decision-making

Hybrid Warfare

U.S. Foreign Policy

International Relations Introduction

Key Concepts of International Relations

Theories of International Relations



States’ strategies

War Theory


Security Dilemma


Game Theory

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Peace-keeping operations